Our Top Reasons Why Barbados Is The Best Caribbean Island!

With it’s glorious white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets, Barbados is one of the world’s most desirable destinations. A rich and fascinating history combined with some incredibly varied culture and the friendliest locals, we would recommend a trip to the Bajan island to everyone!

Here are our Top Reasons Why Barbados is the Best Caribbean Island

The Food

Barbados includes a wide variety of unique and diverse flavours with influences taken from all over the world including Africa, India and England. The island has so many restaurants to choose from and you’re sure to find culinary delights on every corner from five star fine dining to locally run businesses, excelling in authentic cuisine.

Waterfront Restaurants; a dream view over dinner.

Flying Fish; a famous Bajan delicacy!


Rum is a massive part of the culture in Barbados. Perfected during the 17th century, there are more than 1,500 roadside bars along the island and they’re incredibly proud of their product. Rum tours and local distilleries are an interesting look into the historical side of the Bajan tipple. Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum brand in the world, established in 1703. 

Just one of the many rum bars you’re sure to encounter!

Mount Gay; ‘The rum that invented rum.’

The Culture

Barbados has a fascinating historical, ecological and archaeological background. Some of the buildings are built with pink and white coral and the island is steeped with colonial history, adding some extra depth to your visit. St Nicholas Abbey is a 350 year old property that served as a sugar plantation and is a well-preserved historical residence. 

St Nicholas Abbey; the grounds & exterior

The People

When you speak to anyone who’s visited Barbados, there will always be a mention about the people who live there. The locals are warm and welcoming to tourists, something that isn’t seen as much in other destinations. The majority are friendly, laid back and happy-go-lucky which just adds to the atmosphere of this slice of paradise.

When in Barbados, do as the locals do!

The Nightlife

Whilst the locals on the island are laid back, they still know how to party. Barbados’ nightlife is as exciting as you’d imagine. Plenty of bars and clubs fill the skies with music and laughter. St Lawrence’s Gap (also known as the Gap) has everything from Irish pubs to Italian bistros and lots of live music. Holetown is on the west side of the island whilst 2nd Street in St James provides even more to choose from!

Crop Over Festival

The most popular and colourful festival dates back to the 1780’s and marks the success of a sugar cane harvest. Spreading through May to August, this beautiful celebration is full of music, dancing, arts and crafts and street fares. It’s also the perfect place to spot celebrities with Rihanna, Lewis Hamilton and more being spotted enjoying the festivities. 

Crop Over Festival; a sea of laughter, music and dance!

The Perfect Opportunity for Celebrity Spotting!


The Sea Turtles

With a very healthy population of leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles, Barbados is home to these beautiful creatures and if you’re lucky enough, you can see these critters hatch from their eggs and make their way down to the beach and into the sea!

Watch a truly memorable experience when the babies hatch

Snorkeling with sea turtles sounds perfect to us!

The Beaches

Barbados has approximately 60 beaches all boasting pristine, white sand and crystal clear, naturally clean waters. If you’re after more sun bathing, gentle swimming and wind-surfing then the Platinum Coast is the best place. Surfing is perfect in East Coast where the Soup Bowl is located. 

So many things to do!

Have we planted the seed for a perfect Bajan trip?
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July 11, 2018