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Only a small selection of properties are features on our website. We have an extensive portfolio of luxury properties you won’t find elsewhere, allowing us to present you with the most exclusive villas and apartments. Contact our experienced Barbados Consultants today.

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Elegant Address Barbados are delighted to present their Luxury Barbados villa rental collection. Featuring some of the most beautiful and luxurious villas on the island, offering the highest standards of service and interiors, and situated in the most sought after locations on the most desirable Caribbean island. Welcome to Elegant Address Barbados...

As soon as you step foot off the plane you are met with an invitingly warm Caribbean breeze and the gentle sound of steel drums, this is when you know you have landed in Barbados. The long stretches of pure white sand accompanied by the clearest crystal blue Caribbean Sea, gently swaying palm trees, lush green rainforest and villages filled with colourful painted houses, all give Barbados its timeless holiday appeal.  This island is loved for its infectious laid back way of life, beautiful culture, truly stunning landscape and exceptional year round climate. We are devoted to making sure you enjoy a slower pace in the height of luxury, giving you the chance to recharge your batteries and let any stress ease and melt away to the irresistible Bajan rhythm.

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Our award-winning Barbados specialists would be delighted to speak with you to find your perfect luxury Barbados holiday villa. Elegant Address Barbados provide bespoke, unrivaled service, dedicating their time to you, ensuring a tailor-made luxury experience.

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